{Pssst....if you're here and the holiday isn't Christmas, it's ok!  Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Eat Chocolate Ice Cream Day..... they are all opportunities to go into "holiday mode" and have a mental breakthrough in your business}
Have a Business Breakthrough Over Holiday Break 
Download Our Holiday Breakthrough Guide
What if you started this next season knowing you were weeks away from turning in your 2 week notice?

Or having the biggest revenue month ever in your online business?

Working moms like you are looking forward to being released from the chains of your day job for 5 or even 10 cubicle free days over the holidays.

And those of you already in the online business world are being bombarded with end of year planning wondering if this is going to be your year.

Enjoy some holiday cheer with your family.  And then use that mental freedom to get serious about your business.

(The one that you can do from home every single day of the new year.)
Meet Lori Mercer
After 20+ years in corporate, I used to LIVE FOR holiday breaks.   I had lists and lists of things I wanted to get done while the boss and team were away and the PRESSURE WAS OFF.

It was during some key holiday break seasons that my businesses made the biggest breakthroughs.

Now I run my own Virtual Professional agency and train up other women like you who want to escape the corporate rat race and use your talents in a more meaningful way that includes flexibility for your family.

This year I'm going to share with you my formulas for achieving the most for your business this season.
Will this Guide Work for Me?

Are you counting down the days to your holiday break? 

I remember the feeling... and looking forward to the extra time I would have to work my business and catch up on all those important mom-tasks that don't seem to fit into a normal work week. 

Do you constantly think, "If I only had 2-3 more hours in a day... my side gig would take off?"

You'll have not only some time but the map to use it efficiently AND enjoy the holidays.    This Holiday Breakthrough Guide will TAKE that thought process and show you how you make that time work for you during this break.  

Do you dream of not having to rush out of the office to do the "daycare dash" and to someday feel prepared for the holiday season?

No one should feel that way - I will show you how I used these same steps to walk myself and so many others right out of corporate! 

Not sure you have the right skills to become a Virtual Professional?

The market is so ripe for people who follow through, pay attention to detail, know their way around the internet  and especially anyone with professional experiences such as - book keeping, writing, marketing, web design, graphic design, social media experience and more.
What if I want to start a coaching / consulting / online training business?

The formula is actually very similar and I know you can also have a Holiday Breakthrough with that business model as well.  (In fact, I start with the lesson of business models and we go from there.  So in short, you're GOOD!)
Stephani Roberts,
Boy, do I wish I met Lori before I left my job and struck out on my own. She has given us the keys to staying off the income roller coaster.

Having a steady income stream AND a way to create fluid processes in your business is essential. Otherwise, it's a cycle of momentum, inertia, and trying to gain momentum again or accepting work that's not a good fit just to keep the money coming in - I know this well!

As I pivot and refocus with my business, I'm excited to implement what I've learned and so grateful to her for creating this program. Do yourself and your family, business, a favor, and jump in!!
Laisha Dailey

Lori is a trusted advisor and someone I consider as part of my “inner circle” to help guide me in the process of building my own virtual business. Lori has: 
1) Opened my eyes to the world of virtual work opportunities leveraging my professional skills.
2) Equipped me with resources that help provide momentum and quick wins to build my business, while also establishing simple, scalable processes for long term.
3) Spoken “truth in love” every step of the way!

Her desire is to help professional women like you and me, including help in avoiding some of the pitfalls and landmines that come with being an entrepreneur. Her track record of creating businesses from the ground up (both non-profit and for profit) was already impressive, but the fact that she is sharing the tips and resources from her toolkit…WOW! Ladies, look no further because Lori is the real deal.

What's in the Holiday Breakthrough Guide?
Plan out your revenue and map your way to the exit door.
Stop wasting time on the wrong things.  You only need a few hours a day to make this happen.
1 client, 2 clients, 5 clients quit.   What if you could get to #1 already this holiday season?